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Relaxation Massage

Donna offers a number of therapies that will help you work on the Mind, Body and Soul.


From Psychic or Mediumship readings to Massage or Spiritual Healings.


What do you need today?  


Whichever therapy popped into you mind first, this is your true answer and your first need, trust your inner knowing and book now.

Have you ever wanted to connect with your loved ones or your Spirit Guides?


Do you want to learn more about your chakras and how clearing them can enhance your day to day life?

Are you looking for some natural and alternate remedies to work with?

If you find yourself asking these questions and more, then check out the workshops available to you.

Beginners Psychic & Mediumship Developme
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The Travelling Soul run journeys that are all about YOU and are designed with YOU in mind at all times.  

Journeys with The Travelling Soul are solely about supporting YOU in exploring who YOU are on a soul level.  We do this by allowing you the time and freedom to explore and educate yourself on a soul level while experiencing some of the incredibly beautiful, powerful and Spiritual places around the world.

Owning who you are...


Owning who you truly are is not an easy thing to do.  


Can you honestly say that you are 100% owning who you truly are?


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I cannot recommend Donna highly enough as a Spiritual Teacher.  She provides the perfect balance of encouragement and love, knowing when to push you out of your comfort zone.   Donna provides a learning experience that is completely devoid of ego and one in which you feel valued, supported and loved.  Donna personally recognised my abilities and gently encouraged me to stretch myself by enrolling in the Advanced Psychic Mediumship course with Lisa Williams, LWISSD after I completed her Beginners Psychic course.  I was absolutely estatic with my results from the course and I owe that incredible experience to Donna.  From beginner to the ultimate advanced classes in both Psychic and Mediumship development, Donna Stevens will provide you with love patience and encouragement in just the right doese so that you can achieve all that you desire.

— Mel, Psychic & Mediumship Development 

Thank you so very much for my reading.  You connected to the most beautiful person in the world to me, and that was my Nan.  You captured her essence and told me things that no one else would know about and the moment you mentioned she was holding and patting my hand I knew it was her.  We always held hands...always!  That was so specific to me and no other medium has ever mentioned that.  It was 'Our' thing.

— Stacey, Mediumship Reading

A healing session with Donna is an absolutely life changing experience.  Donna has a warm nurturing presence which allow you to feel very safe and taken care of which in turn facilitates deep relaxation and healing.  Donna combines professional techniques with spiritual healing to produce an unforgettable experience.  Donna's calming voice coupled with her magical healing touch produce a healing session that will leave you feeling revitalised, deeply nurtured and totally relaxed.  I highly recommend Donna as both a Reiki healer and massage therapist and can honestly say I have never had a more deeply relaxing fulfilling healing.

— Melanie, Hot Stone Massage

As well as describing accurately my husband, his personality and character traits, I was particularly astonished when you were talking about my career.  As an 'artist' I have been considering for a while how to change my technique to make painting less laborious and more playful.  Considering you are not an artist yourself you described a painting technique which would hasten the process of painting, something I already knew and had been contemplating and attempting to put into practice, it was really quite amazing.

— Margaret, Psychic Reading

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