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Supercharge your crystals and reap the benefits. 9 simple ways to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Is it necessary to cleanse your crystals I hear you ask? The short answer is definitely YES!

Imagine this, these incredible creations that come from nature have been left undisturbed for centuries, laying dormant in the earth and developing into some of the most fascinating and unique works of art you have ever seen.

Along comes man, disturbing them from their slumber. They are taken from their homes and handled by dozens, if not hundreds of different people.

As well as that, the incredible energy they have generated and stored over centuries radiates from them. Incredible!

So, keep in mind, that these precious gems were created to absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy. When you think about it, they are truly a gift from the universe to aid us on our journeys.

Now, we all know that we all have different energy and that another’s energy does not always resonate with our own. Knowing that crystals were made to absorb and emit energy, you can see why it is so necessary and important to cleanse your crystals.


As well as several tips on how to cleanse your crystals we will also talk about, charging and activating your crystals so that you get the most out of them. Doing this will aid you on your Spiritual journey in ways you never thought possible. And let’s face it, there are days we need that assistance more than others. Choose your favourite way of cleansing your crystals from the list below, and keep in mind that an important ingredient in cleansing your crystals is your intention.

The intention is that all energy that has been absorbed from those who have handled the crystal before you are removed from the crystal, and that it is restored to its original energetic state.

  1. Running Water

  2. Salt or Saltwater

  3. Sunlight or Moonlight

  4. Rice

  5. Sage

  6. Sound

  7. Crystals

  8. Visualisation

  9. Breath


This is one of the most common and easiest ways of cleansing your crystals. It is as simple as turning on the tap and holding the crystals in your hands under the running water.

Taking your crystals to a source of natural running water such as a stream or waterfall is ideal as it is a natural source of water and more in alignment with nature.

Be sure to submerge the crystals completely under the water then pat them dry once cleansed.

Why running water? Simply because we have been taught that water cleans, but not only that, we know intuitively, that water washes away all that is dirty, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

An ideal method for all hard crystals, such as Amethyst or Quartz.

Avoid this method for brittle or soft crystals, such as Kyanite or Selenite.

Duration: Hold the crystals under the water for at least 1 minute. Use your intuition for each crystal.


Salt has been used for cleansing and protection for centuries all over the world, not only physically but metaphysically as well. Where this ritual began, we will never know, but we know it works.

I remember being told that swimming in the sea was good for any cuts and scrapes I had because it would clean them, and they would heal quicker. So, in my mind, it makes sense that it is the same for crystals.

Next time you are near the ocean, why not fill a bottle with seawater to take home and cleanse your crystals with? If that is not an option, all you need to do is dissolve a tablespoon of your favourite salt in a bowl of water.

Once again, make sure to completely cover your crystals with salt water anywhere from a couple of hours to days.

Be sure to rinse your crystals in fresh water then pat them dry.

An ideal method for all hard crystals, such as Amethyst or Quartz.

Avoid this method for brittle, porous or soft crystals, such as Kyanite, Selenite, or Halite. Also, for crystals that contain trace metals such as Lepidolite, Calcite, Angelite, and Malachite.

Duration: Submerge the crystals under the water anywhere from 1 minute to 2 days. Use your intuition for each crystal.


Most people you ask about cleansing crystals will tell you to put them out in the moonlight, and with good reason. We know that the moon is an extraordinarily strong and influential energy that exists, so the full moon is the best time of the lunar cycle to put your crystals out to be cleansed and recharged. Allowing them to soak up this bountiful lunar energy.

Be sure to place your crystals in a safe place out of reach of pets and wild animals, especially if you choose to put them outside. You can place them on a windowsill that faces the moon for a decent amount of time.

Do not panic if you leave them out in the sunlight for a little while too as we also know the sun is a power all its own too. Keep in mind though that if you leave your crystals in the direct sunlight for too long, they can lose their sparkle and colour. So be sure to bring your crystals in before midday where possible.

Placing them on the earth while you have them out in the moonlight is an added energy recharge. If you think about it makes sense as they originally came from the earth. Just be sure to give any crystals you place on the earth a quick wash to remove any dirt.

An ideal method for All crystals.

Avoid this method for: crystals with vibrant colours, such as Amethyst, Carnelian, and Citrine, especially in the sunlight. Be especially aware of crystals such as Celestite, Halite, and Selenite as these crystals can also be damaged by inclement weather due to the fact their structure is delicate.

Duration: Anywhere between 8 to 12 hours is ideal.


This is like the technique you’ve no doubt heard of for when you drop your phone in water and need to dry it out.

It is as simple as half filling a bowl with dry brown rice, placing your crystals in the bowl and covering it with more rice.

This is a great technique to remove heavy, stagnant energy from your crystals. Especially from protective crystals such as Smoky Quartz, Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline.

Be sure to dispose of the rice once you have finished cleansing your crystals, as the rice will have removed and absorbed the energy you want to release from them. You do not want to be eating that energy!

An ideal method for all crystals.

Duration: Around 24 hours is ideal.


Sage has been used for centuries to cleanse and purify in many different situations and scenarios by Indigenous cultures around the world. It is a sacred ancient ritual.

The use of sage for cleansing is known as smudging and it is used to remove stagnant energy from a space, person, or object to restore the natural flow of energy to the space, person, or object.

When you sage your crystals be sure to do this either outside or away from your fire alarms. If done correctly you are bound to create a lot of smoke. (The last thing you want is for the fire department to turn up at your door!) It is said that the smoke absorbs any negative or stagnant energy and then disperses and releases that energy.

What you will need:

  • A lighter

  • A fireproof or fire-safe bowl

  • Sage – either loose or tied

  • Crystals to be cleansed

  • A tray or container to put your cleansed crystals back into

Before you start, be sure to set your intention – that you are cleansing and clearing your crystals of all stagnant and heavy energy from your crystals and replacing them with positive energy.

Next, light your sage stick or piece of loose sage with the lighter, holding it over your fireproof bowl or if you prefer, placing it in the bowl as it smokes.

Then you take each crystal, hold it above the smoke, and allow the smoke to surround the crystal. Then place them on your tray or back in a container once they have been cleansed.

An ideal method for all crystals.

Duration: Anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Use your intuition with each crystal.


Using sound or music to cleanse your crystals is a beautiful way to remove stagnant and heavy energy from your crystals. You know within yourself how music can change your energy depending on what you are listening to. It is no different with crystals.

Cleansing with sound is all about vibration. The vibration from the music or sound breaks up the heavy energy around or on a crystal. It is an amazingly simple and effective way to cleanse your crystals restoring the crystal's natural vibration.

It is an inexpensive way to cleanse your crystals and an excellent technique for an enormous collection.

You can use bells, tuning forks, singing bowls, drums, or chanting. It is not so much about what you use as long as there is a vibration that ripples through the space, and it is loud enough for the vibration to be felt within that space.

An ideal method for all crystals.

Duration: Up to 10 minutes. Or the length of a song. One of my favourite songs to use is by Wendy Rule, The Circle Song from her album Wolf Sky. You can find it on Spotify.


Another excellent cleansing technique is to use other crystals to cleanse with. You can use tumbles or larger crystals depending on your preference.

Here are a few crystals that are great energy cleansers:

  • Clear Quartz

  • Selenite

  • Carnelian

It is believed that if you place a carnelian or clear quartz tumble within a bowl or bag of crystals then you will never have to cleanse them as the crystal is constantly removing unwanted energy.

You can use a Clear Quartz cluster to sit other crystals on top of, or a Selenite charging plate is another option.

An ideal method for All crystals.

Duration: Anywhere from 6 hours to overnight.


We can all imagine or visualise things in our minds. We often see the future we want for ourselves play out in our minds. Think about it, artwork or movies for example were visions someone had and brought to life, simply by imagining them in their minds first. Amazing!

Visualising is essentially using your imagination. No doubt you have heard several quotes referring to ‘what you think you create’? We have the power within us to visualise, create, and manifest anything we set our minds or sights to.

So why not utilise that ability to cleanse your crystals, to use your imagination to transfer your energy to your crystals to cleanse them?

It is quite simple really.

  1. Take a few moments to ground and centre yourself, by taking some nice slow deep breaths then releasing those breaths along with any tension or stress you may be holding onto.

  2. Once you feel calm and centred, pick up your crystal. Hold it in your hands, and keep your breathing nice and even.

  3. Now, let your imagination run wild. Visualise the crystal in your hands being cleaned. You could imagine your hands being filled with a beautiful white light, a laser burning away any stagnant energy covering the crystal, a fireman’s hose blasting a stream of water on the crystal breaking up and washing away any energy that covers the crystal, or a waterfall of light or water washing over the crystal removing any energy that is not naturally connected to the crystal. The scenarios are endless.

  4. See the heavy, stagnant energy being removed and the crystal shining brightly once again with its innate energy.

This is another simple, inexpensive, and safe way to cleanse your crystals if you feel comfortable trying it.

An ideal method for All crystals.

Duration: Around 1 minute for each crystal. It is important to feel into the period with each crystal as some may need longer to feel the shifting of energy and the emergence of the crystal’s natural energy.


Have you heard the term ‘breath of life?

What we are aiming to achieve here is to breathe life back into your crystals. Crystals do amazing work for us. They absorb and transmute challenging energy around us and replace it with more uplifting and positive energy.

In doing this, they get tired just like we do and they do not work to their full potential, I mean seriously, do you when you are exhausted?

Again, this is another simple and inexpensive technique you can use on your crystals.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Take a moment to focus, centre and ground yourself.

  2. If the crystal is small enough hold it in your dominant hand otherwise hold it gently in both hands.

  3. Take a deep breath in, bring the crystal close to your face and breathe short firm breaths out through your nostrils onto the crystal. (Imagine you are trying to blow a piece of lint or dust off a flat surface and the force you would need to use to move it. That is how strong your breaths need to be).

An ideal method for all small crystals such as tumbles or small enough to hold in your hands.

Duration: Around 30 seconds.


Crystals are known for many different properties, most well-known, is their ability to bring healing into the world, and our lives. So, always cleanse your crystals with good intentions.

Keep in mind, that if you cleanse your crystals with a half-hearted intention, they will not work for you to their fullest capacity, and you will be disappointed in the results.

Once they have been cleansed, be sure to take a little time to program your crystal too.

We all like to feel like we have a purpose. Crystals do too. So be sure to give your crystal a purpose. The purpose is what you brought the crystal for in the first place.

How do I do this I hear you ask?

Simply hold the crystal in your hands and say, either in your head or aloud:

“I choose to dedicate this crystal to bring change, love, light, and joy into my world for my highest good. I ask this with love and gratitude.”


How you cleanse your crystals is a very personal thing. What feels right for you may differ from what feels right for someone else.

In fact, you may have discovered a technique that I have not mentioned here that works incredibly well. If you have, please feel free to share it here.

Just remember; Treat your crystals with love and respect and you will reap the rewards.

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