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Welcome to The Travelling Soul!  

Where you are encouraged to let your soul be your guide...


The Travelling Soul run journeys that are all about YOU and are designed with YOU in mind at all times.  

Journeys with The Travelling Soul are solely about supporting YOU in exploring who YOU are on a soul level.  We do this by allowing you the time and freedom to explore and educate yourself on a soul level while experiencing some of the incredibly beautiful, powerful and Spiritual places around the world.


The Travelling Soul journeys are all about self-discovery, healing, empowerment, spiritual awakening, history, cultural experiences, making new life long connections and friendships and ultimately your own transformation into the real you.


The group sizes are purposely kept to small intimate groups of between 6-10 like minded people and the journey's will be tailored uniquely to you as your soul begins to speak to you on a much deeper and personal level.

Each person will get out of the journey what they need to move forward on their unique life path through deep spiritual healing and awareness. 

My intention is to guide, encourage, nurture and support you in your journey by creating a safe space in which you will have the opportunity to shed old beliefs and explore new ones that will align more deeply with your soul’s journey.

So join me as we explore the infinite possibilities that are there for the taking through the sharing of deeply ancient cultures and wisdom while drawing from the incredible earth energy that is available to you at all times to bring about the soul healing you need.

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Due to covid-19 all tours are on hold

The Travelling Soul



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